3rd pillar pensions

Prepare for retirement

The years of retirement account for about one-third of your life. You surely have plans and dreams for this time of life.

What will your pension allow you to do?
You may find the level of the statutory pension surprisingly low. Just when you finally have the time to enjoy life, travel and use a variety of services, you may find that your income is low. To top it all off, statutory pension coverage may be even lower in the future, since fewer taxpayers will be paying for the pensions of a growing population. Using only 1st and 2nd pillar solutions, the expected size of your pension during retirement would be only about 40% of your current income.

Advantages of accumulating in the 3rd pension pillar

  • Adjustable savings: Choose yourself how much money to set aside so it fits your needs and current resources.
  • Tax benefits: It is the best way to save over a long period because the state incentivizes 3rd pillar pension contributions with a tax rebate. Every year you will get a refund of the 20% income tax on savings in the 3rd The refund applies for contributions of up to 15% of your gross income, but not exceeding EUR 6000 per year. So if you contribute EUR 100 a month for a year, in the spring you will get a refund of EUR 240 which you can, for example, reinvest in your 3rd pillar pension.
  • Withdrawal of savings: You can use your money even before reaching retirement age if needed, though in this case income tax will be deducted from the payments. Five years before retirement age, and if the 3rd pillar contract has been in force for at least 5 years, the income tax rate when withdrawing money will be only 10%. The same percentage applies in case of incapacitation and inability to work. Lifelong pension disbursements are completely tax-free.

Don’t restrict yourself to the current situation, take action. Provide for a better future yourself. Save at least 10-15% of your income each month is recommended to ensure your current living standard during retirement. Act today: the sooner you start, the better your pension income will be.

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