INVL Family Office

The Family Office service is a collaborative effort of specialists from various fields – from investment experts to tax advisors and lawyers, dedicated to achieving your goals. We offer much more than just investment advice. We prioritize comprehensive management of clients’ family wealth and improving financial literacy as a whole. We are not tied to any specific service provider. We do not limit ourselves to individual fund managers, asset classes, or geographical regions. We consider our expertise in alternative asset class investing as one of our strengths.


Financial planning

As our client, you will have a personal Investment Advisor who will be your point of contact for all questions. In addition, INVL investment experts work on your behalf, thoroughly familiarizing themselves with your financial situation, plans, and expectations. As a result, a detailed financial plan, personalized investment strategy, and tactical solutions tailored to your needs and preferences will be developed for you. We regularly review the created financial plan together with you, and if necessary, provide ongoing advice on strategic and tactical changes to your investment portfolio choices.

Analysis and selection of third-party products and services

We analyze third-party investment solutions to assist You in making informed investment decisions. Working on Your behalf is a team of experts in investment. This enables us to evaluate the suitability of various financial instruments for Your expectations and risk tolerance. We provide You with independent expert assessments of different investment solutions.

Analysis and selection of tax and legal services

Investment decisions are often associated with tax planning and legal issues. Since each client’s situation is unique, we help You find the best expert in the market for these matters. We collaborate with top professionals in our field in the market.




Family governance

Part of comprehensive financial planning involves issues related to inheritance planning. It is important to plan for this in advance. We are among the first in the Baltics to have developed a family charter – a set of rules that determine the rights and obligations of family members for the comprehensive management of family assets. We collaborate with various legal and tax advisors, as well as financial institutions from foreign countries.

Raising investment awareness

As our client, You belong to the exclusive INVL client club, which organizes various events for its members throughout the year. We offer You and Your loved ones the opportunity to increase Your investment awareness and participate in educational programs related to inheritance planning.