3rd pension pillar for companies

Help secure a comfortable retirement for your employees by contributing to their 3rd pillar pension. We will help you find the best plan for your company.

What are the benefits?

  • Retaining employees and attracting new ones is crucial to the success of any company. Keeping people motivated and having a positive reputation on the market helps to achieve that. Employer  pension contributions can be part of the incentives package for some or all your employees.
  • Thinking ahead and contributing to your employees’ future makes you socially responsible.
  • Using the 3rd pillar pension solution can bring tax benefits, since no income tax is charged on the contributions equivalent to a salary increase of up to 20%. That applies to contributions equal to up to 15% of an employee’s gross income and not exceeding EUR 6000 per year.
  • Pensions are a flexible solution where contributions can be different for each employee, amounts can be changed over time and there is a choice of a regular or lump-sum agreement.