Insurance cover for children

Take care of your own and your loved ones’ tomorrow 

Accidents are easy to come by while exploring the everyday world, having fun and training. For such moments, it is natural if you as a parent want to support your child and offer them the best treatment and recovery options.

Pick the most suitable insurance for your child. You can choose whether you want additional life insurance coverage for your child for trauma, disability, or critical illness.

Why should you insure your child?

  • Children are also at risk of accidents and critical illness.
  • In the event of an injury or disability resulting from an accident, it is very important to start treatment and rehabilitation quickly, but the queues can be long for the free medical care provided by state. With the help of the insurance indemnity, you can go to a private doctor.
  • For a critical illness, the child may need paid medical care or expensive medicines to recover quickly. The state usually covers the initial cost of treatment, but full treatment and recovery can be long and costly.
  • You can use the insurance money for what the family needs most, be it long-term rehabilitation or special medical care, adaptation of the home to the needs of the child or medicines that are not covered by the state health insurance.

Benefits of INVL Life Children supplementary insurance cover:

Supplementary covers cannot be taken without life insurance. Children need to be included in an adult’s life insurance contract.

  • Valid from 2 months to 26 years of age.
  • Fixed cover price for the entire period, with risk assessment only at the conclusion of the contract.
  • Long-term contracts do not need to be renewed every year.
  • If the child starts training, the insurance premium and conditions will not change (except for professional sports).
  • Flexible agreement: contract terms can be easily adapted to individual needs.
  • Insurance application documents can be securely signed and submitted electronically.
  • Life and supplementary insurance coverage is valid worldwide and 24 hours a day.