Terms and conditions

Life insurance

Terms and conditions

NTL22 Natural Term Life insurance (valid from 01.07.2022)   in Estonian
AT22 Accidental Trauma supplementary insurance (valid from 01.07.2022)
ADB22 Accidental Disability supplementary insurance (valid from 01.07.2022)
CI22 Critical Illness supplementary insurance (valid from 01.07.2022)
AD22 Accidental Death supplementary insurance (valid from 01.07.2022)
TL20 Traditional Life insurance (valid from 01.07.2022)

Terms and conditions to valid, but for insurances 
currently not on sale:

Life insurance T&C:

NTL20 Natural Term Life insurance (valid from 23.03.2020)
TL20 Traditional Term Life insurance (valid from 23.03.2020)
NTL19 Natural Term Life insurance (valid from 01.11.2019)
TL’19 Traditional Life insurance (valid from 01.01.2019)
TL’18 Traditional Life insurance (valid from 31.08.2018)
TL’18 Traditional Life insurance (valid from 01.01.2018)
TL’16 Traditional Life insurance (valid from 18.01.2016)
TL’13-2 Traditional Life insurance (valid from 01.10.2013)

Critical illness supplementary insurance T&C:

CI20-1 Critical Illness insurance (valid from 05.10.2020)
CI20 Critical Illness insurance (valid from 23.03.2020)
CI19 Critical Illness insurance (valid from 01.11.2019)
CI’19 Critical Illness insurance (valid from 01.01.2019)
CI’18 Critical Illness insurance (valid from 31.08.2018)
CI’18 Critical Illness insurance (valid from 01.01.2018)
CI’16 Critical Illness insurance (valid from 01.05.2017)
CI’16 Critical Illness insurance (valid from 18.01.2016)
Critical Illness insurance (valid from 01.10.2013) in Estonian

Supplementary Accidental insurance T&C:

AT20-1 Accidental Trauma (valid from 05.09.2020)
AT20 Accidental Trauma (valid from 23.03.2020)
AT18 Accidental Trauma (valid from 01.11.2019)
AT’18 Accidental Trauma (valid from 01.01.2019)
AT’18 Accidental Trauma (valid from 31.08.2018)
AT’18 Accidental Trauma (valid from 01.01.2018) in Estonian
AT’16 Accidental Trauma (valid from 01.05.2017)
AT’16 Accidental Trauma (valid from 18.01.2016)
AT’13 Accidental Trauma (valid from 01.10.2013)  in Estonian

ADB20-1 Accidental Disability (valid from 05.09.2020)
ADB20 Accidental Disability (valid from 23.03.2020)
ADB18 Accidental Disability (valid from 01.11.2019)
ADB’18 Accidental Disability (valid from 01.01.2019)
ADB’18 Accidental Disability (valid from 31.08.2018)
ADB`18 Accidental Disability (valid from 01.01.2018) in Estonian
ADB’16 Accidental Disability (valid from 01.05.2017)
ADB’16 Accidental Disability (valid from 18.01.2016)
ADB’13 Accidental Disability (valid from 01.10.2013) in Estonian

AD20 Accidental Death (valid from 23.03.2020)
AD18 Accidental Death (valid from 01.11.2019)
AD’18 Accidental Death (valid from 01.01.2019)
AD’18 Accidental Death (valid from 31.08.2018)
AD’18 Accidental Death (valid from 01.01.2018) in Estonian
AD’16 Accidental Death (valid from 01.05.2017)
AD’16 Accidental Death (valid from 18.01.2016)
AD’13 Accidental Death (valid from 01.10.2013) in Estonian


TL’13-1 Term Life Insurance (valid from 01.05.2013)  in Estonian
TL’12 Term Life Insurance (valdis from 21.12.2012) in Estonian
SL’11 Simple Life Insurance (valid from 01.10.2011) in Estonian
ÕL’10 Accidental Insurance (valid from 01.09.2003) in Estonian
KÜ’10 General Insurance Conditions (kehtiv alates 01.12.2002) in Estonian
RE’10 Risk Life Insurance (valid from 01.12.2002) in Estonian
LR’10 Loan Insurance (valid from 01.12.2002) in Estonian
IP’10 Table of Determining the Severity of Disability (valid from 01.07.2000) in Estonian


List of securities

List of securities to valid, but for insurances currently not on sale:

IVN22-1 List of securities (valid from 01.07.2022)