INVL Nordic High Yield Debt

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Start date: 01.07.2022

Risk level: 5


A strategy for investing in fixed-income instruments that aims to achieve returns above those typically associated with fixed-income investment products. This is achieved by selecting debt securities or equivalent investment objects, usually collective investment undertakings. Most of the assets are invested in the Nordic region (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden) corporate bonds that have a credit rating below investment grade. Proportion of alternative investments can represent up to 30% of the assets. Derivatives can be used to hedge against currency exchange rate change risk.

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  • 100,00% Bloomberg Pan-European High Yield (Euro) (I02501EU Index)

Largest holdings

Data as of 30.09.2023:

  • DNB FUND-HIGH YLD-INS A EUR | LU1303786096 | 38,81%
  • MANDAT NORDIC HI YLD TR-AEUR | LU1112754756 | 37,31%
  • PARETO-NORDIC CORP BD-HEUR | LU1311575093 | 20,76%

The policyholder shall choose at his/her own discretion the investment line(s) to which the policyholder’s capital is linked to be accumulated under the investment insurance contracts offered by UADB INVL Life (“the Insurer”). The Policyholder is responsible for the decisions made and, therefore, before concluding an investment insurance contract or selecting investment lines, must carefully read the insurance rules, the Key Information Documents of the investment lines, the rules of the investment lines, the deductibles applicable to the contract (price list) and other information prepared by the Insurer on the terms and conditions of the insurance contract and on the risks inherent in the contract. The policyholder bears the risk of investment and the risk of depreciation or loss of the invested funds. The historical return on units of a unit trust is not a reliable indicator of future returns and does not guarantee future performance. The value of a unit in an investment line can go up or down, the policyholder may recover less than he/she has invested, lose a significant part of the funds invested or lose all the funds invested. The insurer or any other manager of the investee (the ‘investment manager’) shall not be liable for changes in the value of the unit. Although the information published is based on sources believed to be reliable, the Insurer shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or losses that may be incurred by policyholders relying on it. This information shall not be construed as a recommendation, suggestion or solicitation to enter into an insurance contract or to choose specific investment lines.